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        On campus and off campus trainings on relevant topics in agriculture and allied sector are being given to farmers, agricultural extension workers, students and rural youth.

Diagnostic field visit:

         Provide solutions to farmer field problems through field visit by the team of scientists

Consultancy service:

     Farm advisories

  1. For existing crops
  2. Technical support for farm plan and layout as a new venture

Bio fungicide production unit:

         Mass production of bio fungicides like Pseudomonas, Trichoderma and bio-fertilizers for sales in the district and outside.

Horticulture nursery:           

        Supply of quality planting materials of vegetables, fruit plants likemango, jack, plantation crops like cocoa, arecanut, coconut etc and quality seeds of vegetables

Soil testing Laboratory:       

         Soil samples are analyzed and reccomendations are given based soil result.

Value addition unit :

         Supply of value added products of nutmeg rind, jack, banana and other fruits and vegetables.

Agro Service centre- Farm Machinery:

         Provide farm machineries to farmers on rental basis

Demonstration Unit:

        Demonstration unit includes duck, goat, apiculture, integrated farming, horticulture nursery, aquaponics, mushroom, Ayar and Sampoorna production unit.

Fish Farming:

         Farming in the existing channels which includes indigenous fishes, carps, pearl spot, tilapia and other fishes


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